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Author Topic: HexTris for Symbian  (Read 2322 times)

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HexTris for Symbian
« on: August 28, 2023, 02:42:17 pm »
Unofficial Symbian Belle version of HTML 5 based HexTris :D
It's simple and a port that works on touchscreens.
I created it with the wgz file I obtained from the Symbian Foundation's Wikipedia application. This is a nice little advice for those who want to develop Symbian applications using HTML and CSS.
Orginal Source Code: https://github.com/Hextris/hextris

The current version 1.10. The buttons should now appear more properly. :D

I thank Jigoku Master for his help and suggestions. ;)

Hextris by:
    Logan Engstrom (@lengstrom)
    Garrett Finucane (@garrettdreyfus)
    Noah Moroze (@nmoroze)
    Michael Yang (@themichaelyang)

I don't know anything about programming. This is my first smooth attempt and it worked on the Nokia 603. :)
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