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Author Topic: SDK Resetter for S60v3-v5 SDKs  (Read 4278 times)

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SDK Resetter for S60v3-v5 SDKs
« on: December 29, 2021, 04:23:48 pm »
SDK Reset for S60v3-v5 SDKs

Script creator is "NuruTasDemir", feel free to use, share and modify :)
Thanks to "nikita36078" for telling me "Nokia SDKs Registration Info" path in regedit. Thanks to "bent" who is creator of EKA2L1 Symbian Emulator.

For working "wmic", "regini" and "reg" commands required.
Tested on Windows 7 x64 and dont require admin rights.
Worked for S60v3FP2, S60v5 and S^3 SDKs. It will work for other SDKs probably. this for loop gets User Security ID and assign it to userSID variable

I tried it myself on Windows 11 on Symbian 9.1 + S60v3 SDK and it worked. :)