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Author Topic: New user registration is now disabled  (Read 2529 times)

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New user registration is now disabled
« on: August 21, 2023, 10:43:01 pm »
Just a quick heads up, new user registration on Symbian-Developers Forum has now been disabled.

After some recent security upgrades to the forum software it has ended up crippling some rather important profile features and fixing it all is going to be no easy task that I simply don't have the time for.

Another point, I've done the calculations on this and 95% of monthly traffic is now bots (463 thousand hits were bots last month and 21 thousand actual real hits), that's not sustainable from a server point of view as my own projects are starting to be affected by the resources used.

This may be the start of a ramping down of SDF, I'm looking at the impact of finally enabling https as I've held off for longer than I should have to keep the forum compatible with Symbian devices.