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Author Topic: Picsel Smart-Office 1.8 why both "pinch and zoom" AND "touch control"  (Read 2550 times)

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Hi folks!

I have the Microsoft-Office-app "Picsel Smart Office 1.8". It's really good and practical. Quickoffice oftentimes fails to open .rtf- and .doc-files. The official Microsoft-Apps can't even open files that one created with them! It's really weird! So it's GREAT that there is Picsel.

But what I find extremely impractical is, that it offers "pinch-and-zoom" (symbian belle)- AND "touch-control" (s60v5) at the SAME time. I have no other name for the function (what would YOU call it?!), where you can change the size of the text by touching your finger down on the screen. Then a pair of small arrows appear, one bearing a "+", the other a "-" sign. If you now pull your pressed finger down, the text gets smaller, if up, it grows.

Pinching is fine. And the other - touch - way to make texts bigger or smaller does not interfere there, either. But it does so when you simply want to move the text down. There is no scroll bar. So one has to touch the text and then pull it down. But VERY often what is activated is the "pressure-control"-function. You want to move the text, so you can continue reading. But what happens is that you change the text-size. And that's a BIG nuisance. I'd love to know, if there is a way to alter the .sis-package so that the "touch-control"-function is disabled. Or is there an altogether other way?

Thanks for reading this and maybe helping me out!