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Author Topic: [ GUIDE ] How To Clone/CoExcist/NoReplace OperaMini Next and OperaMini by Manual  (Read 2520 times)

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The benefit is you can install with out replacing old opera mini :D
My english is bad,sorry :(
Hope you understand.

Required tools :
- Mobilhex
- Python
- Sisboom
- Siseditor
- Smartsis
- Virtual Keyboard ( Touch Screen Phone )

You can download HERE and install it all.
And offcourse opera mini,you can get it Here or opera mini Next HERE

Here how i make a clone operamini next.

1. Ekstrak the operamini.sisx using siseditor,the ekstrakted should be E:\data\siseditor\Opera Mini Next\
Move the Opera Mini Next folder to E and rename it to whatever.I rename to CloneNext :D

2. Run isntalled smartsis,press options-Tools-Altere32 and look for OperaMini_200354d0.exe at E:\CloneNext\!\sys\bin\

Change the UID,default is 0x200354d0.
I change mine to 0x200351fa
Now recheck the .rsc file with new UID,pres options-Checking RSC and look this 2 file
It should be same new UID now and press OK.

Close smartsis,time to edit the .exe :D

3. Open ZNTXHAN ( Use Virtual keyboard for touch device )
Press Options and select *.exe [UN] Compres
Locate the OperaMini_200354D0.exe E:\CloneNext\!\sys\bin\ and select it,it will uncompress the .exe
You will get 2 .exe now
Delete the OperaMini_200354D0.exe and rename OperaMini_200354D0_unpack.exe to OperaMini_200354D0.exe

Still using ZNTXHAN,press Options/Start/ListWay/

Then Press 2 and Type OperaMini_200354D0

Change only OperaMini_200354D0 with any name desired,but carefully because OperaMini_200354D0 contain 18 Character.
9 for OperaMini and 8 for the UID
Rename the OperaMini ( 9 character ) and 8 for UID,the UID is you used before at smartsis :D
I rename mine to Cellebral_200351fa
Do this repeatly till FIND NOTHING :D
Then Press Options and SAVE.
Delete OperaMini_200354D0.exe_list and OperaMini_200354D0.exe_bak at E:\CloneNext\!\sys\bin\

4. Now we need to change the rest UID from .exe
Run your xplore and locate the OperaMini_200354D0.exe.
Press Options,edit,menu,find hex and type d0540320
d0540320 is the reverse UID from 200354d0
We call it DIU :P
I change the UID with 200351fa right so all i need is change d0 with fa and 4 with 1
See my sceeny below

d0540320 > UID 200354d0
fa510320 > DIU 200351fa

Do find hex and type d0540320 again in case there are UID left.
Save the work by press Back and Save :D

5. Now we ned to edit the OpPlatFunc and change the name.
This is crutial otherwise the operamini will get some ' Update Error or doesn't open '

Still using xplore and Edit OperaMini_200354D0.exe,Find Chard and type OpPlatFunc
Me change it to XXPlatFunc
See the screeny below

Save it after changed :D
Now Rename these fili

OpPlatFunc_200354D1.dll > XXPlatFunc_200354D1_4.dll
OpPlatFunc_200354D1_2.dll > XXPlatFunc_200354D1_2.dll
OpPlatFunc_200354D1_3.dll > XXPlatFunc_200354D1_3.dll
OpPlatFunc_200354D1_4.dll > XXPlatFunc_200354D1.dll
OpAlloc_200354CF.dll > XXAlloc_200354CF.dll

6. Next step is edit rsc file using mobilhex
Run it and locate Operamini_200354D0reg.rsc and press 5 at
Change only OperaMini_200354D0
OperaMini = Cellebral
200354D0 = 200351fa



Now is OperaMini_200354D0.rsc
Locate it at E:\CloneNext\!\resource\Apps\
Edit line 1.0 and line 3.2
Line 3.0 and 3.1 is for your icon title :D



7. Now using xplore rename your file
OperaMini_200354D0_reg.rsc > Cellebral_200351fa_reg.rsc
OperaMini_200354D0.rsc > Cellebral_200351fa.rsc
OperaMini_200354D0.mif > Cellebral_200351fa.mif
OperaMini_200354D0.exe > Cellebral_200351fa.exe

And do rename OperaMini_200354D0 folder to Cellebral_200351fa at E:\CloneNext\!\system\Apps\

8. Time to repack your work but before do that maybe you want use reksio.ini so no need Initializing when first run,just take reksio.ini and ds folder from same version operamini and put it to E:\CloneNext\!\system\Apps\

9. Open SisBoom,press Options,Compress,Create Your Project.
Choose s60v3package and locate the CloneNext folder at E,press Option and SELECT(ok)
Edit the project name if you wish.
Now just press exit button,it will asking for packing and pack it.

10. The .sis should be found at CloneNext folder,install it and run installed Cloned Operamini next :D

Note : You can use it for OperaMini too ( Not Next version )
Once you understand this guide,you will understand how to do with Operamini ;)


Celebral Assasin's


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very nice share.... :)
+Rep for posting.

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+1 for the post ;)